Surplus Day

CCHS is a green campus and we firmly believe in Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.  There are many items at CCHS that won’t be moved to the new building.  We offer this surplus to the community on two days only. Day 1 (April 24th) is exclusively for not-for profit organizations.  Day 2 (April 25th) is open to the community at large.

Surplus will include chairs, desks, office furniture and equipment.

Not-For Profit Organizations
Friday, April 24th

Not-for-profit organizations are invited to come to the (old) building and obtain surplus items.  Organizations must complete the Application and receive an arrival appointment.

  • Application required by April 19th
  • Arrival appointment and documentation required

The deadline has passed and we are NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for not-for-profit day.  If you are still interested in participating, please join us Saturday, April 25th.

Community Day
Saturday, April 25th

Members of the community are invited to come to the (old) building and obtain surplus items.

Entry Fee
$20 per car/pickup truck, $50 per truck (larger than a pickup) entry fee.  Fee will be charge upon each entry.

  •     9 am to 1 pm

Conditions and Terms

You may take as many items as you want but we ask that you be respectful of your neighbors.

We are not able to help move items or load vehicles. If you think you’ll need it, please bring helpers with you.

We will not have tools, dollies or other moving equipment available.  If you think you’ll need them, please bring them with you.

We cannot reserve or guarantee availability of anything.

We cannot offer early access or preview days.