Schematic Design

Below are highlights from the Schematic Design phase of the CCHS Building project.  To view the complete Preferred Schematic Report, please click here.

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Renderings of the building from the south and the north sides.


Students and visitors enter at the ground floor from the south side of the building. This entrance is located by the school’s main office and administration.


The lower floor consists of the auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasiums and associated spaces.  It is also where CCTV and the radio station are located.


The second floor hosts the Humanities and Language departments and classrooms. There are several breakout spaces for collaborative learning and group study.


The third floor hosts STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.)  There is ample laboratory space and breakout spaces throughout the level.


Light wells and light shelves help propel natural daylight even to the interior of the building.


The orientation of the building maximizes natural daylight all year.