Project Phases

The CCHS Building Project began in earnest in in July 2009 when the Concord Carlisle Regional School Committee formed the Master Plan study of the existing deficiencies and needs of the high school facility.   Based on the findings of the Master Plan, completed in 2010, the voters of Concord and Carlisle authorized the towns to fund a Feasibility Study and Schematic Design.  At the same time, the CCHS Project Statement of Interest was accepted into the MSBA program for school building reimbursement.

The Schematic Design was completed in June 2011.  In September 2011, the MSBA accepted the Schematic Design and in November 2011, the towns voted approval of a $92.6 Million construction project.

The Design Development commenced in early 2012 and was completed and submitted to the MSBA in August 2012.   The Building Committee authorized the architect to move into Construction Documents in October 2012.

Following the completion of the Construction Documents phase (estimated February 2013,) the project will move into Construction Administration.

The below links have more information about each phase of the building project to date.

Construction Documents

Design Development

Schematic Design

Feasibility Study

Master Plan