Maps and Campus Access

As we move into the new building and Phase 2, the demolition of the old building begins, please be aware that traffic patterns at CCHS will change effective April 27, 2015.

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Morning drop off/student & faculty parking:  Parents may drop students off along the north side of the old building.  Students will follow the walkways up to the new building’s north entrance.  Students and faculty will continue to use the existing parking lots and will follow the walkways from the lot to the new building’s north entrance.  Buses will drop off at the south entrance to the new building. No cars are allowed in the new loop road to the south entrance.



Afternoon student pickup:  Parents may pick up students along the north side of the old building.  Queuing will be along the Thoreau Street entrance road.  Buses will be boarding in the loop road.  No cars will be allowed in the loop road.


Visitor parking:  During non-pickup and drop-off times, visitors to the building may use the parking spaces on the loop road at the south entrance to the building.


Athletics:  The upper turf fields parking lot may be accessed via the loop road.  Overflow parking for the upper fields remains in the student/teacher parking lot.  Visitors and athletes using the lower fields should park in the student/teacher parking lot.  Athletic buses will board and disembark on the loop road by the Athletics Entrance to the new building.