New CCHS is Greenest in the State!

The new Concord-Carlisle Regional High School was verified as the most sustainable public high school ever constructed in Massachusetts when officials at Massachusetts Collaborative for High Performance Schools (MA-CHPS) recently informed the Regional School District that the project had earned the highest sustainability score for a public school project to date.

“The entire Building Committee and project team is thrilled with this designation as it confirms that the Committee achieved the goal of delivering an exceptional educational facility that is environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient to operate within the budget set by the Town Meeting votes” said Stan Durlacher, Chair of the CCHS Building Committee. “I want to congratulate members of the Building Committee as well as our architect, Michael Rosenfeld, the team from Turner Construction and project manager, KVA Boston.”

MA-CHPS has developed standards to measure sustainable design elements in public school projects throughout the state. These standards are used to create a scoring system of points that allows MA-CHPS to assign a status for school building projects. The CCHS Building Committee and project team applied for 61 MA-CHPS points which would put the project into the Verified Leader status. The final status of individual school projects are confirmed following an audit that is performed after building occupancy. Having recently completed their audit, officials at MA-CHPS awarded all 61 points for which the project team applied; 61 is the highest point total earned by a public school project and the CCHS project is the only school project to earn all the points for which it applied. To date, only nine schools in the state have achieved the Verified Leader status.

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