Construction Update 7/11/13

Construction Activities:

Construction remains on schedule with significant progress being made on the concrete foundations.  The foundation is 60 percent completed and more than 1,700 cubic yards of concrete has been poured as part of that operation.

At the last meeting of the CCHS Building Committee on June 26, Turner Construction representatives reported that they are extremely pleased with progress.  Their crews found nothing on the site larger than a baseball during earth work operations and structural steel erection operations are expected to begin in early August.

Invoices Approved, Closing in on GMP:

The CCHS Building Committee approved invoices for more than $1.2 million at its June 26 to pay invoices for Turner and its subcontractors as well as fees for the project manager and architect.  An addition $712,633 was approved to allow the waterproofing to occur on the foundation walls prior to backfilling earth up against the wall.

The CCHS Building Committee continues to work towards executing a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract in the month of July.  Over 40 bid packages were sent to contractors and CCHS Building Committee members were still awaiting a few bids as of its June 26th meeting.  Once all the bids are received and reviewed, it will allow the GMP to be completed.

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