C-C School District Issues $32.5 Million in Bonds; Aaa Bond Rating Affirmed

Praising the strong the financial management of the Concord-Carlisle School Administration and town governments in the two communities, the bond rating agency, Moody’s Investors Services, Inc., affirmed the district’s Aaa bond rating for the issuance of $32.5 million in bonds to fund the of construction of the new high school building.  Concord-Carlisle is one of two districts in the state to earn this distinction which is Moody’s highest rating.  By securing the Aaa rating, the Concord-Carlisle School Administration is able to save local taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in debt service by issuing the bonds at a lower interest rate than if the bond rating was not as favorable.  The bonds were issues at 3 percent interest; the CCHS Building Committee budgeted for 3.25 percent.


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