Project Funding Reinstatement

October 24th, State Representative Cory Atkins convened a meeting of Concord and Carlisle town officials, members of the MSBA, State Treasurer, Steve Grossman, CCHS Building Committee, Chair Stan Durlacher and three citizens of Concord, to discuss reinstatement of funding for the CCHS Building Project.

Today, Supertintendent Diana Rigby received word that funding would be restored upon completion of outlined action items and the execution of the first amendment of the PFA.

In its letter dated October 25, 2012, the MSBA said it “has completed its review of the submittals requested” and “finds that the Project represented in the Design Development documents is in compliance with the Project Scope, Total Project Budget, and Project Schedule.”

The full letter can be found on this website under Important Documents.

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