Meeting Summary 9/4/12

In a supplemental session, the CCHS Building Committee met to present detailed responses to questions posed at the August community forum.

Jeanne Roberts from OMR Architects compared the SD – DD elevations and provided detail on topics including, indoor air quality, the proposed security system, value engineering, flooring material longevity and landfill remediation. David Saindon of KV Associates spoke to the budget process and walked through how budget reallocations or “change events” are processed and documented.

In response to a request from Lisa Bergen of the Citizens Transportation Committee (CTC) and a proposal by Concord citizen Bill Plummer, John Flaherty made a motion to authorize an amount not-to-exceed $50,000 to fund a study of the site leaving the three existing bus depot structures in place. Chris Whelan seconded and the committee approved the motion. Work on the study is currently underway and the committee expects to present its findings September 12th at 5pm. The study analysis and conclusion will also be reported to the MSBA by September 14th.

The committee fielded 14 questions and comments from the community. Before closing the meeting, the Chairman noted that the subcommittee meetings and community forum planned for September 26th will be cancelled as it is Yom Kippur. These meetings will be held in October.

The presentation from the meeting can be found at Design Development Update 9/4/12

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