Project Team meets with the MSBA

Thanks to Jeanne, Stan, Brian, Louis, and Michelle for preparing today’s excellent presentation at the MSBA’s FAS meeting with MSBA Chairman, Jack McCarthy and Board members , Terry Kwan and Richard Bertman. We also appreciate the participation of Fabian Fondriest, SC Chair, Elise Woodward, Concord Selectmen and BC, and Tim Hult, Carlisle Selectman and BC.

The responses from the MSBA Board members were extremely positive and complimentary of the educational program and building design. They also confirmed that the DD is “very close to the SD, and that there are always changes to be made during this process”.

Mary Pichetti, Director of Capital Planning, indicated that her staff needs time to review the DD submission , the District’s response to the review process that Stan described, and the District’s response to the August 21 letter from MSBA.

We will further discuss the meeting at the next BC meeting on Tuesday night, September 4. See you then.

Thanks again for all your hard work and support ! We’re getting closer to a shovel in the ground!!!!

Diana F. Rigby Superintendent of Schools

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