Committee confers with MSBA

Superintendent Diana Rigby, CCHS Building Committee Chairperson Stan Durlacher, Committee Member Louis Salemy, Regional School Committee Chairperson Fabian Fondreist and State Rep. Corey Atkins spoke with representatives from the MSBA Friday morning via conference call.

The CCHS BC has been given the “go ahead” to submit the Detailed Design (DD) package and has been asked to provide some additional information including a confirmation that the space summaries submitted to the MSBA on July 26th are identical to the those in the DD and a statement from the District that there have been no changes to the educational program.

The CCHS BC will meet with the MSBA Facilities Assessment Subcommittee at the end of August. Additional detail on the conference call will be provided at the joint School Committee/Building Committee meeting on August 14th.

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