Meeting Summary 8/1/12

After approving the previous meeting’s minutes, CCHSBC Chair Stan Durlacher turned the meeting over to Brian Dakin, of KVA.
Brian explained to the committee the OPM Status reports submission process which involves monthly updates to the MSBA from KVA.  The KVA status reports can be found on  Brian also walked the committee through the committee response to the MSBA’s 6/26/12 letter.  He reported that as of August 1st, the estimators have the construction budget at $74,991,000 (within the of  budget of $75M)  The team has worked diligently and we are on track for submitting the Detailed Design (DD) documents to the MSBA on August 15th (on schedule.)
Jeanne Roberts, of OMR, presented the process timeline and some key future dates, including the August 15th submission to the MSBA.  Work on the Constuction Documents will begin immediately following this submission of the DD.

Jeanne also took the committee through the most current design renderings and highlighted some of the features.

Of note on the site overall, parking has moved from the south to the north side of the building and some changes have been made to the grading to eliminate added construction cost.  There will be ample parking (429 spaces) and it is now better situated for community use of the building.

In the building, some changes were made based on acoustical, structural and Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) considerations.
On the first floor the theater and drama area has been reorganized to achieve better adjcencies and the helath and fitness rooms were moved closer to the gym.  CCTV and the Radio Station will now have a separate entrance which will keep their visitor traffic separate from the main school.  Additional restrooms were added to the PE area and “team room” functionality was added to the locker rooms.

On the second floor better adjacencies and functionality were created in the Arts area by reorganizing the Ceramics, Architecture, Photography and Digital Imaging spaces.  The Administration offices have relocated into the main building footprint and have a clear sight line to the student (south) entrance.  In this new location, they also have a sight line to the community entrance (north) and courtyard.  The shape and layout of the Auditorium, stage and wings were adjusted and now have improved sight lines, stage access, rigging and acoustics.

On the third and fourth floors, the classrooms remain just as programmed but some minor reconfigurations within departments were made to improve the layout.  Restrooms and MEP were rearranged and stacked for efficiency of construction and system runs.  Light wells will bring light down in to the classroom from the skylights.

While seemingly minor, many of the changes to the building have improved the building’s energy model.  Changing from cupolas to skylights for example has improved the energy efficiency of the building as there is less heat loss through the skylight light shaft technology.  The building’s footprint is even more compact and efficient.  In the end, the MA-CHPS points achieved should be in the 59 – 62 range, which is consistent with the vision and goals of the committee and community.

The slide presentation including the building renderings, can be found on

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