CCHSBC Responsds to MSBA’s 6/26/12 Letter

In response to the MSBA’s request for information, the CCHS Building Committee compiled and submitted an information package detailing the current state of the high school design.At the August 1st Building Committee meeting, Brian Dakin of KV Associates, the Owner’s Project Manager, described the submission, point by point. Mr. Dakin also reported that the project is at the target construction budget and that the team is on track for the August 15th submission of the Detailed Design. The complete submission to the MSBA is available on 1: Description of the steps the district will take to produce a detailed design that conforms to the project scope and budget.

    CCHSBC provided:
  • OMR Memorandum Summarizing the Detailed Design (DD) space comparison and changes to the Schematic Design (SD)
  • Overall design vision plans and bullet points
  • Summary of value engineering
  • Uniformat estimate comparisons of SD to March 26th DD
  • Comparison of SD and DD space summaries

Item 2: Updated schedule for submitting the Detailed Design

    CCHSBC provided the schedule, which in unchanged. The team in on track to submit the DD on August 15th.

Item 3: Detailed breakdown of architectural and project management fees associated with the development of the detailed design dated March 26, 2012

    CCHSBC provided:
  • OMR billing summary through March 31st
  • KVA Contract fee summary through June
  • Current project budget – which is unchanged from the June OPM report

Item 4: Detailed breakdown of architectural and project management fees associated with the development of the detailed design since March 26, 2012

    CCHSBC provided:
  • OMR letter indicating no additional fees
  • Turner email indicating 2 months of flat rate preconstruction services
  • KVA statement that the not-to-exceed fee has been expended at a faster rate than anticipated, but that KVA would endeavor to remain under the fee over the remaining course of the project

Item 5: Timeline for seeking approval from the Dept. of Education and Secondary Education for any changes to the Special Education spaces

    CCHSBC provided:
  • OMR Letter to MSBA summarizing minimal DESE impact and process for approval
  • DESE summary floor plans showing minimal changes

Item 6: Statement certifying that the District acknowledges and agrees that the alternate gym must remain detached from the building and that the associated costs must be clearly identified and separated

    CCHSBC provided:
  • The district memo with motions read and recorded at the July 5th meeting
  • School Committee and CCHSBC statement

Item 7: Minutes of the CCHSBC meeting indicating that the CCHSBC understands the expectations and requirements of the MSBA

    CCHSBC provided:
  • Minutes from the July 5th meeting
  • Presentation from the July 5th meeting

Item 8: Three dates in which the district is available to meet with the MSBA staff

    CCHSBC provided a letter indicating that it is available to meet with the MSBA upon 1 week notice

Item 9: An explanation of the effect, if any, on the votes obtained from the towns

    CCHSBC provided a district memo that there have been no changes to items voted on the towns

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